There are a lot of layers to me, but for the most part what you see is what you get. You'll get a person who smiles a little too much, a new friend, and someone who loves puns more than the average person. 

I wasn't always the most naturally gifted athlete but what I didn't have naturally I worked for with everything I had to achieve my goals. The same is true for photography. It's not something I went to school for, but it's something I'll work tirelessly towards in order to be successful. That success will be determined by you. I will be sure to do everything in my power to make your gallery delivery is everything you've ever dreamt of.

I'm newly engaged to this man pictured beside me. We tie the knot in May of 2021! His support in my photography business and in all things life is more than I could ever ask for. 

I can't wait to chat with you!

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Why do I do what I do? I take pictures to defeat time. Images can keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in history for future generations, be a witness to joy, love, and sometimes tragedy. Photographs and images speak to the heart without needing words. 

I absolutely love capturing the moments in time, but I love presenting the images to my clients even more. The joy, awe, and nostalgia the images bring to their hearts make my heart happy. 

I look at this picture to the left and see a joyous senior in high school with the rest of her life ahead of her. In time, she'll be able to look back and this photo will bring back the memories of not only this day, but this time in her life. 

Why photography?